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Mr. Richard Yong Wang, a senior partner of this Firm, has been appointed a technical investigation officer by the Beijing Intellectual Property Court at the recommendation of the All-China Patent Attorneys Association.

The technical investigation officer system, launched in 2015, purports to improve the professional level of adjudication of IP right-related cases in general, and to improve, in particular, the adjudicative proficiency of the vast majority of intellectual property judges who, without any background training in science, technology or engineering, would undoubtedly find it difficult to identify technical facts of highly technical cases in their trial practice. A technical investigation officer, participating in court cases, provides technical advice and technical ascertainment in the trial thereof, so as to enhance the professional level of adjudication in the cases related to IP rights. The Supreme Court has implemented the technical investigation officer system in the three Intellectual Property Courts of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and in all other courts in China that have the jurisdiction over IP right-related cases.

Moreover, Mr. Wang has been appointed a senior lecturer of the All-China Patent Attorneys Association to offer professional training of patent attorneys from all parts of China.

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